Buck Atom fiberglass giant in Tulsa gets its own face mask

Leave it to Mary Beth Babcock to find some high-profile levity during a worldwide pandemic.

Babcock last week added a large bandanna mask to her 21-foot-tall Buck Atom fiberglass statue at her Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on 66 shop in Tulsa in response to the city imposing a mask mandate amid a rise in coronavirus cases in the state.

According to the Tulsa World, the mask was made by artist Adam Carnes and installed Friday by Carnes and Gary Coulson using a scissors lift.

Here are some photos and a video Babcock shot during the installation:

Buck Atom isn’t the only larger-than-life figure in Tulsa wearing a mask. The 75-foot-tall Golden Driller, which stands about a mile south of Route 66, also wears one, too.

The Buck Atom fiberglass statue was installed in May 2019 during a large ceremony at the shop. Virginia-based Enchanted Castle Studios built Buck Atom, and Chris Wollard built the silvery rocket ship Buck carries.

(Screen-capture image from Instagram video of the bandanna being installed Friday on the Buck Atom statue in Tulsa)

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