Video describes 16 Muffler Men on or near Route 66

A new video was uploaded on Thanksgiving Day that tells about 16 Muffler Men fiberglass giants — including three new ones — that stand on or near Route 66.

The creator of the video is not just any fan. It’s Stone Baker of the “American Giants” video series on his YouTube channel. He’s not only documented these Muffler Men that were created in the 1960s, but he also has been a facilitator of preserving several of them.

In this video, you’ll find a lot of interesting historical tidbits about each Muffler Man on 66.

Baker missed at least one, though — the recently restored lumberjack at the May Cafe along Route 66 in Albuquerque.

(Image of the Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Drive-In restaurant in Wilmington, Illinois, via Facebook)

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