Ann’s Chicken Fry House of Oklahoma City closes for good, citing COVID-19

Ann’s Chicken Fry House restaurant of west Oklahoma City closed shortly after Christmas, blaming the financial hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic. revealed the restaurant’s permanent closure in a tweet Friday:

One of the photos of a sign on the window stated: “Permanetly (sic) closed. Thank you OKC for a great run … until COVID.”

Shirley Burchett, the contact for the restaurant, stated in an email Friday afternoon:

“We closed after Christmas. It had been a struggle since we had to close back in March due to Covid. I just was not able to stay open any longer. Closing was the hardest decision I’ve ever made … because our customers have become our extended family. Thank you for your concern.”

The Oklahoman newspaper reported:

Making enough money to “keep the lights on and pay my employees” was half of the problem, but Burchett said the anxiety of working in a pandemic was the other.
“It’s scary, I’m nearly 70 years old. Most of the staff is close to my age. Been with me 20 and 30 years. I just decided I couldn’t go on any longer.”

More social-media reaction to the closing:

The Road Wanderer reported history on the restaurant years ago:

Ann’s Chicken Fry House started life on Route 66 in 1948 as a Cities Service gas station. It operated as such along the Mother Road until 1966 when it was transformed into a restaurant called “Three Bulls Steak House.”
In 1971 when Al Burchett returned home from Vietnam he was looking for something to do. He became a partner with his brother and they purchased the Three Bulls Steak House. They needed another name though and couldn’t decide on one. With a stroke of inspiration they put all of their names, including their wives, in a hat and relied on pure luck. Ann, Al’s brother’s wife was drawn – and Ann’s it became!

(Hat tip to Rhys Martin; image of Ann’s Chicken Fry House in Oklahoma City by Kool Cats Photography via Flickr)

4 thoughts on “Ann’s Chicken Fry House of Oklahoma City closes for good, citing COVID-19

  1. Just so sad to keep reading about restaurants on 66 closing. My buddies and I rode the Mother Road a few years ago and will eventually do it again. We had a great meal at Ann’s and this type of restaurant is what made the ride so special!
    Thanks Ron for all you do in keeping the Road still alive for so many of us!

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