Money being raised to paint Route 66 shield on Amarillo water tower

Two associations in Amarillo, Texas, and the state’s Route 66 association are joining forces to raise funds to paint a Route 66 shield on the city’s water tower.

Mix 94.1 radio in Amarillo reports the Historic 6th Street on Route 66 Association, Texas Old Route 66 Association and the San Jacinto Neighborhood Association must raise $18,000 by Sept. 30 to add the shield to the water tower.

The gargantuan water tower stands on 6th Street (aka Route 66) and Independence Street on the city’s west side.

Any donation will be accepted, but pledges of $66 or more will earn a certificate of participation. One can donate through PayPal at

Donations for the cause also will be accepted at Texas Ivy Antiques at 3511 SW 6th Ave in Amarillo. The phone number there is (806) 373-1427.

(Artist’s rendering of the repainted water tower from a campaign flyer)

2 thoughts on “Money being raised to paint Route 66 shield on Amarillo water tower

  1. I love this idea of painting the Route 66 shield on the Amarillo water tower, but would hope you will consider the best Route 66 Shield graphic for the tower. You may want a “Texas 66” shield or a 1926 “Texas US 66” shield. The banners that hung in 2015 has a great graphic for a Texas 66 shield.

  2. Please provide the breakdown for the $18,000 cost for “a bit of paint”. If the water tower is 20 feet in diameter, the shield is some 7 feet by 7 feet, say 50 square feet. $18,000 works out at 360 dollars per square foot. Some paint!

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