Bluebird Inn boutique hotel opens in a historic building in downtown Elk City

The Route 66 town of Elk City, Oklahoma, has a new lodging option. It is the Bluebird Inn boutique hotel, located one block off the Mother Road in a former shoe store built in 1905.

The Bluebird is located on the brick streets of 118 W. Broadway Ave. The hotel, which held its grand opening Saturday, offers three rooms, and reservations are made online.

KFOR-TV in Oklahoma produced a story about the hotel and its owner, Julie Bonner:

As for the establishment’s name, here’s the info from the hotel’s website:

The Bluebird Inn was born out of love from the owner’s grandmother and passion for her hometown. Having lost her grandmother at a young age, she always cherished a beautiful bluebird figurine passed down to her from Nana. After a recent trip with girlfriends visiting a small town, the owner fell in love with the inviting charm and convenience of a small inn downtown. She knew it was exactly what Elk City needed and had the perfect namesake to remember her Nana.

One also can follow the goings-on with the Bluebird Inn at its Facebook page.

(Image of the Bluebird Inn in Elk City, Oklahoma, via Facebook)

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