Chicago Cubs documentary explains how Wrigley Field was renovated

This well-produced video released last month by the Chicago Cubs baseball team, “Saving Wrigley Field,” goes into considerable detail about how the century-old ballpark underwent a badly needed renovation a few years ago.

If you have about an hour to kill, I commend it to your attention:

Though the Wrigley Field project was large-scale, anyone who has ever shored up a historic building on Route 66 can relate to these developments:

  • You have to pick and choose what essential elements to preserve before tackling the equally essential structural overhaul.
  • Unexpected complications will pop up once you knock down those old walls to see what’s underneath.
  • Historic preservation isn’t going to be cheap, but if done right, the rewards will be immeasurable.
  • Many people who work on an iconic structure will clamor to do so because they’ll want to tell their children and grandchildren about the experience.

Wrigley Field, on Chicago’s north side, is about six miles from Route 66. However, because it’s a sports and city icon, it draws a not-insubstantial number of Route 66 travelers as a side trip.

Wrigley Field was listed as a National Historic Landmark just last year.

(Image of Wrigley Field in Chicago in November 2016 by Shutter Runner via Flickr)

One thought on “Chicago Cubs documentary explains how Wrigley Field was renovated

  1. Amazing story and rebuilding process. Especially so from the 26 minute point on. Well worth the hour spent watching this video is putting it lightly! GO CUBS!

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