Blue Whale of Catoosa is undergoing a weeklong effort of repairs and cleaning

The landmark Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma, today is beginning a one-week effort by the city to clean, repaint and make repairs to the whale itself.

The city’s project begins today and will last through Friday, Oct. 1, according to a news release from the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.

During that time period, the Blue Whale will not be accessible to visitors.

“The rest of the park around ol’ Blue, however, will still be open for visiting,” the association stated.

The Blue Whale periodically has undergone repairs, including a brief time about 10 years ago when it was rendered white.

The City of Catoosa purchased the Blue Whale site and its 23 1/2 acres last year from its longtime owners, the Davis family. Rogers County property records state it was sold in March for $1.5 million.

Hugh Davis hand-made the Blue Whale out of concrete and shaped rebar about 1970 as an anniversary gift to his wife. The Blue Whale and its spring-fed pond became a popular swimming hole for locals and travelers along Route 66 alike.

It closed about 1988 and fell into disrepair until it was restored in the early 2000s. Hugh Davis’ son, Blaine, was the caretaker at the property for many years.

(Image of the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma, by Ayleen Dority via Flickr)

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