Texas Old Route 66 Association officers freshen up the midpoint of Route 66 in Adrian

Officers of the Texas Old Route 66 Association this week repainted the on-road markers of the so-called midpoint of Route 66, directly across from the Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas.

The association posted a bunch of photos of those members repainting the midpoint stripe on the road and its nearby Route 66 shields.

I’m sure the folks at the Midpoint Cafe appreciate it. The restaurant struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the loss of international travelers during that time. But things appear to be on the upswing now.

Credit for the markers and other improvements at the midpoint site should be given to Dennis Purschwitz, who owned the Midpoint Cafe from 2012 to 2018. Once a simple sign that denoted 1,139 miles to Chicago or Santa Monica, it became a landscaped spot with flags, a windmill, a brick surface and other features that made it nicer-looking and better for photo opportunities.

The Midpoint, formerly known as Jesse’s Cafe, attracted notice for its small-town hospitality and what then was known as “ugly crust pies.” Former owner Fran Houser, who owned the restaurant for over 20 years, gained fame when she served as an inspiration to the Flo character in the original Disney-Pixar “Cars” movie in 2006.

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