City of St. Robert takes steps to have Alpine Haus motel site torn down as a nuisance

The City of St. Robert, Missouri, is taking steps to declare the declining Alpine Haus motel a nuisance so it can be torn down.

The Pulaski County Weekly reported the city tried and failed to prompt the property’s owner, Real Estate Investments LLC of Columbia, Missouri, to do something about it.

The newspaper said the Alpine Haus is marred by broken windows, holes in the woodwork and scattered shingles.

The property at 632 Old Route 66 was built in 1985, with a tiny cottage on top of the main building of the complex. noted the motel’s sign once read Oakwood Village, the name of a cabins complex and gas station that stood there.

The troubled Alpine Haus also suffered a fire in 2008 that damaged or destroyed six of the units. Then there was a homicide at the motel in 2013.

(Image of the Alpine Haus motel in St. Robert, Missouri, in 2009 by Tydence Davis via Flickr)

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