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Reconnection of Route 66 in Cajon Pass will be done by mid-2016

Cajon Pass, abandoned section

A massive interchange project at Interstates 15 and 215 that will reconnect old Route 66 in San Bernardino County is ahead of schedule for its projected completion of mid-2016, according to Construction Equipment Guide.

According to previous reporting, about two miles of old Route 66 in the Cajon Pass will be reopened to traffic for the first time in decades.

Commuters driving on Route 66 near the interchange will no longer face a gap in the historic roadway from Kenwood Avenue to Devore Road. Motorists should find less congestion along the old Route 66.
“Motorists will find continuous access where Route 66 turns into Cajon Boulevard,” Prunty said. “That will have a major impact on area commuters.” […]
John Harrington, vice president of Atkinson Construction’s Southern California office, confirms the project is on track and will likely complete ahead of schedule.

If construction continues to go as projected, that means those two miles of Route 66 will be open to traffic by spring — the beginning of tourism season.

The California Department of Transportation is overseeing the $324 million project, which seeks to improve one of the state’s worst bottlenecks. More than 1 million vehicles go through it each week.

Caltrans isn’t reconnecting old Route 66 entirely out of the good of its heart. The road will serve as an alternate route for when the freeway is closed because of an accident.

(Image in 2011 of an abandoned section of Route 66 near Cajon Pass by guyprentice via Flickr)


2 thoughts on “Reconnection of Route 66 in Cajon Pass will be done by mid-2016

  1. Randy Cox

    This is a nice stretch of cajon pass called Blue Cut. It reminds me of the old days when life was slower. But if too many people “rediscover” it, it won’t be nice and quiet any longer. It’s one of my routes where I can slow down from the I15 crazies.

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