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Holloway Motel, other West Hollywood sites may become historic resources

The Holloway Motel in West Hollywood, California, is among several properties along Santa Monica Boulevard (aka Route 66) being considered as historic resources by the city.

The West Hollywood Preservation Alliance urged additional research or reconsideration of the properties by the city, according a report in Preservation consultant Chattel Inc. ruled several sites initially recommended by the alliance not be listed as historical resources, hence the appeal by the alliance.

The Holloway Motel at 8465 Santa Monica Blvd. “This motel with its elements of Colonial Revival design retains its integrity from the days of Route 66 and still provides a source of affordable lodging to travelers visiting West Hollywood,” the alliance stated in a letter to the city council. “As the only remaining motel along West Hollywood’s stretch of this historic road, the WHPA believes that the Holloway Motel deserves to be re-evaluated for historic eligibility.”

Final Touch Collision Center at 7496 Santa Monica Blvd. “Constructed in 1947, the building is a distinctive example of the Streamline Moderne style now rare in West Hollywood,” the alliance stated. “With an unfortunate fire and an uncertain future facing the only other Streamline Moderne commercial property along Santa Monica Boulevard — the former Jones Cat and Dog Hospital building at 9080 Santa Monica Boulevard in the Melrose Triangle area — this eastside building deserves further reevaluation.”

Madison Car Wash at 7617 Santa Monica Blvd. “This is a unique structure visually and architecturally in the city,” the alliance stated. “The car wash itself or such signature elements as its row of pylons should be recognized as a fine tribute to our area’s car culture. Any redevelopment on the site could repurpose the current building into a restaurant or shop.“

Former Ritts Furniture Store at 8445 Santa Monica Blvd. “Former city urban designer John Chase worked with the architect who renovated the property to ensure that the neo-Wrightian design of original architect Harry Harrison was preserved,” the alliance stated. “The WHPA believes this building retains its mid-century modern sensibility and deserves to be reevaluated.”

Former Maxfield Clothing Store at 9091 Santa Monica Blvd. Not much information about this, although the photo reveals it as a distinctive triangular building at that corner.

Properties that land on the historic-resource list are eligible for a 50 percent reduction in property taxes in exchange for rehabilitating or preserving the structure and less restrictive zoning. The designation also makes it harder to alter or demolish such a property.

(Image of Holloway Motel by Jon Hunt; other images are excerpts from Google Street View)


4 thoughts on “Holloway Motel, other West Hollywood sites may become historic resources

  1. Eric Hayman

    “Final Touch Collision Center at 7496 Santa Monica Blvd.” What exactly is a “Collision Center”? An Accident Black Spot?

      1. Eric Hayman

        Thanks, Ron. Here in the UK, the police have largely replaced the word “accident” with “collision”, on the false premise that any road traffic accident can be avoided by correct driving – supposedly even when the road subsides in front of you, or another vehicle hits yours. Thus any accident – even a roll over or skid into a river – is wrongly called a “road traffic collision”. Signs have read: “Single vehicle collision”. Absurd, but true.

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