Lauterbach Tire Man beheaded

headlessmuffler copy.jpg

No, al-Qaida insurgents from Iraq aren’t responsible. The lopping off of the Lauterbach Tire Man’s noggin on the 1926-34 alignment of Route 66 in Springfield, Ill., was caused by last week’s severe thunderstorms.

As you can see, the head was eventually found. Lauterbach Tire and Car Wash Service is at 1569 Wabash Ave. in Springfield.

Illinois Route 66 aficionado Carl Johnson found the photos of the beheaded Lauterbach Tire Man on this fascinating link of storm damage photos.

Jay Lauterbach told me on the phone that the Lauterbach Man will be repaired.

The Lauterbach Man is one of the species of Muffler Men found across America. For more about them, check out this link from the Roadside America site.

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