ABC anchor tours Mother Road

ABC’s “GMA Weekend” anchorwoman Kate Snow and her sister traveled old Route 66 from Clinton, Okla., to Albuquerque.

A bunch of photos from the trip are here. That’s one heck of a nice Ford Fairlane they’re driving.

I appreciate the publicity the segment is generating. But something about it also rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s the observation about “how much is gone” is gone on old Route 66 when the Snow sisters aren’t old enough to even remember the highway during its heyday.

UPDATE: Here’s the video segment:

5 thoughts on “ABC anchor tours Mother Road

  1. Sorry, the quote from your article didn’t come through in my first response. I was agreeing with your take on the sisters’ comment about so much of Route 66 being “gone” when they aren’t old enough to remember old Route 66. So true!

  2. That is a beautiful Fairlane and I thought both article and photos were good. A minor goof in the captions moves the Sand Hills Curiosity Shop from Erick to Elk City.

  3. A lot may be gone. But, a lot is coming back. A lot new is being built.

    As The Road gets more publicity, it will come back more. I just hope it doesn’t become some cheesy, faux highway. I’d rather it come back improved.

    1. A quote from Trevor that is worth repeating:

      “I just hope it doesn’t become some cheesy, faux highway.”

  4. I admire their courage for staying in the Tradewinds Inn in Clinton, OK. That place is a real dump. I’d rather go back to Nam and pull point again than stay there.

    The segments tend to shy away for the overt commercialism which is rampant among 66 fans these days. It appears to be more focused on Americana aspects and ties to the old days. How else would they have drawn the conclusion that ‘so much is missing’. They’re right, a lot is missing. Which is what Route 66 is today; a long path west that’s past its heyday. That’s really the appeal of it. And why no one is all goo-goo about I-40, or I-95. They’re both still there.

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