Willem Bor’s latest Route 66 miniatures

Netherlands resident Willem Bor, who’s built detailed replicas of Route 66 landmarks in miniature, delivered four more models in recent months.

The miniatures were:

The now-closed Diamonds Restaurant in Villa Ridge, Mo.

Riviera Roadhouse in Gardner, Ill., which was destroyed by a fire in 2010.

Gay Parita station in Paris Springs, Mo.

Bor and his wife managed to personally deliver the models from Europe to America in one piece, thanks to a lot of bubble wrap. Those three models are in the Route 66 Museum in Lebanon, Mo.

Just recently, Bor also mailed by UPS a model of the Odell Station in Odell, Ill., to the Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum in Pontiac, Ill. The model isn’t on display yet in the museum, but should be by April.

(Photos courtesy Willem Bor)

5 thoughts on “Willem Bor’s latest Route 66 miniatures

  1. These are exquisite and fascinating. They’ll be wonderful additions to the museums. Route 66 folk owe Willem Bor our gratitude.

  2. I’d have to agree Susan. I’d tried to do a little scratch (not from a kit) model building fro my model railroad as a kid, and was not nearly this successful! LOL That Diamonds place sure is a great looking building. I read through the info. in the link Ron provided above, but it dates to 2007. Is the building still standing?

  3. I’ve seen most of Willem’s posts of his miniatures. The man is amazingly talented. I can’t wait for my next Route 66 adventure. When I see his bldgs in the museums etc., I’ll be so excited to proudly point out to everyone within hearing distance that, “I know who did these marvelous miniatures & he’s a facebook friend of mine.”
    Willem, go on with yer bad self Brother!!!!

  4. I wish these were commercially available. I would love to have them when The Boots Court gets a souvenir shop!

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