Kingman Club sign restored

Kingman Club

The owner of a soon-to-open craft beer and wine bar in downtown Kingman, Arizona, restored the famous Kingman Club neon sign and relighted it during a ceremony Saturday night.

The House of Hops, which plans to open by summer, are taking over a tavern that dates to 1944. According to a variety of sources, the neon lighting in the sign hadn’t operated in years, perhaps decades.

The Kingman Daily Miner had a few details before the ceremony:

“There was a lot of work involved. It was hard to find someone to work with those neon lights,” said owner Stacy Thomson. “It being an old sign, not may people will touch it and work with it. We had to find someone to restore it. We didn’t want to take away from the originality of it.”

The sign, at 312 E. Beale St., isn’t on Route 66, but is just a block north. The sign is on such a prominent location, many Route 66 travelers find it anyway, and it remains one of the most-photographed sites in Kingman.

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