Route 66 by bicycle

Route 66 bicycle

Andre Slabbert of the Cayman Islands last fall completed a 2,351-mile trip on Route 66 by bicycle in a bit less than month.

That feat is remarkable enough, but he did it just three months after damaging ligaments in his knee during a training accident. The Route 66 ride raised money for the Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust.

Here’s an 8-minute video of his trip:

Route 66 by bicycle from Andre Slabbert on Vimeo.

I noticed Slabbert cycled on a few old and primitive alignments of Route 66 during his journey. He also met with Gary Turner at Gay Parita station near Halltown, Missouri, a few months before he died.

The video whets my appetite for perusing the Bicycle Route 66 map set by the Adventure Cycling Association that just came out this month. I should be getting a review copy soon.

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