New T-shirts pay tribute to Route 66 legends

Regal Repitile Ranch design

A graphic designer in Oklahoma has collaborated with two well-known Route 66 enthusiasts to create his Tourist Trap Tees line, which pays tribute to legends of the Mother Road.

Tourist Trap Tees has shirts inspired by Rimmy Jim’s Trading Post in Arizona, the Tri-State Spooklight in Oklahoma, the Red Ghost of Arizona, and the Regal Reptile Ranch in Texas (shown above). Each of the shirt’s links explain the history behind the legends.

The company’s proprietor explained the concept:

TTT was created by graphic designer Joel Rayburn, who fell in love with the stories and the signs of the route after moving from Tennessee to Oklahoma in 2007. Along with designing visuals drawn from the lore of the route, he undertook an apprenticeship with neon sign artisan David Rivers, and is now honing the craft of building vintage signs from the highway’s heyday.
A partnership was then formed with long-time Route 66 advocates Jim Ross and Shellee Graham, who enthusiastically embraced his goal of sharing these incredible stories and images with roadies everywhere. Ross and Graham are both well known Route 66 authors, photographers, and preservationists who also share a love for classic neon signs.

Rayburn says he has two more T-shirt designs “in the works,” and others are coming. Sizes of the shirts range from small to 3XL. And, yes, he does international orders.

With all the strange stories along the Mother Road, the possibilities of such a T-shirt line are nearly endless.

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