Will Rogers-Route 66 short film is out

Will Rogers film screen shot

Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions said it would have its short film promoting Will Rogers’ link to Route 66 out in August to help boost the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma.

The Tulsa-area based production company finished the project early:

Will Rogers-Route 66 Adventure from Kirkpatrick&Kinslow Productions on Vimeo.

The Will Rogers-Route 66 Experience showcases a brand new adventure. The Experience is designed for people to start their Route 66 journey in Oklahoma at Will Rogers’ birthplace in Oologah then in Claremore for a visit to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. Route 66 was named the “Will Rogers Highway” in the early 50s. Once travelers have left Claremore and made stops along Rt. 66, they can then visit the Will Rogers Ranch outside Los Angeles. Will Rogers was world renowned for his work in film, broadcasting, newspapers and myriad other accomplishments. He died in a plane crash in 1935. The short film features Will Rogers’ great-granddaughter Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry and world renowned historian Michael Wallis who has authored nearly 20 books, including “Route 66: The Mother Road.”

The museum announced in late 2014 it would do a lot more cross-promotion between Will Rogers and Route 66. More details are here.

(Screen capture from the Will Rogers-Route 66 Adventure film)

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  1. His Santa Monica ranch is a must see for those who appreciate Will Rogers, his time and his humor. I have been there, and it is really nice… Keeping the place up is a major effort. If you have the time…. Do volunteer.

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