A new look at Cuba’s murals

Cuba mural

Antigravity Photography used a drone to provide a new way to see Cuba’s murals along Missouri’s Route 66.

I wasn’t sure how drone photography was useful for showing murals. But you’ll see, as I did, how their panning abilities can show a very long mural in a few seconds. And the drone footage also allows the viewer to see other buildings and structures around the mural, showing how much the art dresses up the scene.

More about Cuba’s murals may be seen here.

The drone also provided aerial footage of Cuba by flying over its water tower.

Mural Town from Adam Wilson on Vimeo.

Tourist bureaus had better think about investing in a drone, or hiring a company to make such a video.

(Screen capture from the Cuba murals video)

4 thoughts on “A new look at Cuba’s murals

  1. Watching this new drone-view video made me feel like the ‘feather’ from the heart-touching movie, ‘FORREST GUMP.’ I am so moved by the beauty of the production as well as the impressive number of murals the community has, making the entire town ‘a gigantic gallery!’ The quality of artwork is excellent. I had no idea Cuba, Mo. had anything like this and absolutely want to stop there for a visit. This was just a brilliant idea. I hope they continue restore’n and adding new murals. How proud they must be of their splendid murals.

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