Does anyone know the location of this photo?

Edward Keating, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, is working on a book of his Route 66 images he’s taken over the years, and he’s having trouble identifying where this image was taken.

Keating is certain it was in New Mexico, but he isn’t sure where. The unusual diagonal panels in the fence and the “KEEP OUT” message in spray paint might jog a few memories of my readers who’ve traveled the old road extensively.

Keating said he thinks the property might have been near the long-defunct Frontier Museum in Santa Rosa.

If you know where the photo was captured, please chime in in the comments section below. Keating gave permission to post the photo here in hopes of zeroing in on the place.

Keating’s book, titled “MAIN STRƎƎT,” will be published in September by Damiani, an art-book publisher in Italy. It’s a collection of images he’s compiled from Route 66 over the last 17 years.

His roots on Route 66 run deep. His grandfather sold cars in St. Louis during the 1920s, and his mother and father drove on that highway to California during the late 1940s. And Keating himself kicked a nasty drinking habit after bottoming out Flagstaff, Arizona, in the 1970s.

During his career, Keating’s photos also have appeared in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Time, W, New York and Bon Appetit magazines. He won the Pulitzer Prize for documenting the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks in New York City.

David Geffin interviewed Keating in this video in 2014 about his Route 66 photos and other projects.

Keating wrote an essay about Route 66 in New York Times Magazine in 2000 and how a road trip on it eventually led to his kicking a bad drinking problem.

Some of Keating’s Route 66 photography may be viewed here.

(Image courtesy of Edward Keating)

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