A look back at the Round Barn, Ted Drewes and Dixie Truckers Home

Anthony Reichardt recently uploaded several more videos from his Route 66 trips during the 1990s in a 1959 Cadillac.

Reichardt’s videos often hold historical value, as many are more than a quarter-century old. It’s interesting to see how the Mother Road has changed. His YouTube channel of 60 videos is here.

The first video compiles five visits to the Round Barn of Arcadia, Oklahoma. The first clip from 1992 proves notable because it’s less than six months after the barn was restored by local volunteers after its roof collapsed.

The Round Barn of Arcadia, built in 1898, has become one of the most-photographed landmarks on Route 66.

On the other hand, the Dixie Truckers Home in McLean, Illinois, has gone through several changes over the last 25 years, including new owners.

The Dixie, built in 1928, soldiered on as a 24-hour business for decades — even after a devastating fire in 1965. But financial troubles and other turmoil prompted the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame to move from the Dixie to new digs in downtown Pontiac, Illinois, in 2003. The truck stop changed ownership several times; it now is a Road Ranger.

Finally Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis has changed little since Reichardt visited it in 1995. It remains in the same building off Chippewa Street (aka Route 66), and its custard continues to delight customers as it has since 1929.

(Image of the Round Barn in 2012 by el-toro via Flickr)

One thought on “A look back at the Round Barn, Ted Drewes and Dixie Truckers Home

  1. This is great! We found the round barn on accident when we got lost because the liar who lies lies of the lying kind GPS had us all over Oklahoma. When we finally made it on Route 66, by accident. There she was in all her round glory. We went in on a whim and stayed for over an hour. We danced with the most excellent Mr. Dan and bought a few things. It turned out to be one of our top five, if not the best moment of our trip. Very cool to see it again, even if it is back in time.

    Thanks for posting, I read every one.

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