One episode of “Hairy Bikers Route 66” lands online

Folks in Europe the United Kingdom have been watching this six-part series at it aired, but we yanks didn’t get a look at the BBC2’s “Hairy Bikers Route 66” until one kind soul uploaded the second episode a few days ago.

The episode begins in mid-Missouri and goes west to Tulsa and Cherokee Nation country in Oklahoma.

The segment at the Elbow Inn in Devil’s Elbow, Missouri, turned out to be bittersweet, as the longtime operators of the bar and restaurant recently lost their lease. The Route 66 establishment’s owners pledge to keep it as a bar but will take it back to its 1950s Munger-Moss Sandwich Shop appearance.

This is my first full look at the “Hairy Bikers” show, and I found it delightful. It’s part travelogue, part cultural immersion, part history and part cooking show. There’s nothing quite like it on television.

That remains the only episode on YouTube so far, but I will keep an eye out for others.

UPDATE 9/25/2019: A reader tracked down the first episode, which is below:

UPDATE 10/1/2019: Here is Episode 3, which goes from central Oklahoma to the Texas Panhandle.

UPDATE 10/18/2019: I’ve tracked down Episode 4, which goes from Amarillo to Albuquerque; and Episode 5.

UPDATE 10/25/2019: The last episode of “Hairy Bikers Route 66” was just placed online. It was an enjoyable journey, with adventures to places off the beaten path.

(Image from the BBC of the Hairy Bikers at Gay Parita Station in Paris Springs, Missouri)

2 thoughts on “One episode of “Hairy Bikers Route 66” lands online

  1. This is a great site, I’m in the UK so can watch it on the normal BBC2 channel. I sent an email in to the Hairy Bikers Sunday morning radio show on Planet Rock and they read it out live.
    It was asking if the show would be screened in the States because, at the time, the U.S. audience couldn’t watch it on BBC iPlayer.
    Glad to see you are providing it for them.
    The Hairy Bikers are a real great couple of blokes, their radio show is funny with the banter between them, they play great Rock tracks and help people with their cooking queries.
    Si (Simon King) is also from my part of the UK. Although I live in Gloucester now, down towards the South West, I originated from South Shields which is on the North East coast.

    I’m also thrilled to confirm my trip along Route 66 will take place from 10 April to 22 April 2020. Love the States, Love Americans that I’ve met in the 8 weeks I spent there already and really looking forward to it.
    I’m going with Complete North America/Eagle Riders.

    See y’all soon 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Thank you so much for posting these episodes for those of us in the US to see. We are one of the locations featured and would like to determine how we can get a copy of make the series available in our community, right along Route 66. Any help would be appreciated!

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