“Wildorado” documentary is now online

If you have an hour to kill, I highly recommend you view the documentary film “Wildorado,” situated in the Route 66 town of Wildorado, Texas.

The film premiered on the RFD-TV cable channel and online around Christmas Day. Here’s a description of the movie:

In our latest I Am Angus documentary, “Wildorado”, a forgotten town finds hope in a young cowboy and his class of high school ag students. Facing the odds, they become one of the first student-led cattle companies in the nation. Read more by visiting Angus.org/Wildorado.

The film was even better than I’d hoped, with themes of redemption and determination interweaved throughout.

Save for a few time-element subtitles, “Wildorado” contains no narration except the real-life people involved — a much harder thing to accomplish in documentary filmmaking.

This is top-notch directing and producing.

(Screen-capture image from “Wildorado” film)

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