Allen’s Fillin’ Station in Commerce being put up for sale

Allen’s Fillin’ Station, a landmark along a section of original Route 66 in Commerce, Oklahoma, is being put up for sale by its longtime co-owner.

Bobby Allen said the asking price for the former gas station at 101 S. Main St. in Commerce is $34,900, though it is negotiable. The sale price would include all the contents. Alas, the site was targeted by burglars a few weeks ago, so a few things are missing.

Those who are interested in the property should instant-message Allen on Facebook. His account is here. Allen said he has a real-estate agent who’s helping him with the sale. Interested parties also can call Frank at Solid Rock Realty at (918) 541-5724.

Allen said he was prompted to sell the station because of the recent death of his wife, Linda, 65, earlier this month. The Allens had used the station as a small souvenir shop and photo op for years.

Oklahoma Tourism wrote this piece about Allen’s Fillin’ Station a few years ago:

Allen’s Conoco Fillin’ Station in Commerce was built in 1929 or 1930 by F.D. Mitchell as a place for travelers to stop along the newly paved Route 66. While it served Conoco fuel gas for the first few years it was open, it became a Phillips 66 Gas Station in 1938. It is rumored that Bonnie & Clyde may have stopped for gas here.
Also known as the “Hole in the Wall Conoco Station,” it was closed for many years but was purchased, refurbished and reopened as a tiny gift and souvenir store. They do not have gas, but it is now a beloved photo op known for its vibrant green paint with red trim.

Allen’s Fillin’ Station has shown up on a lot of websites over the years, including Roadside America.

(Image of Allen’s Fillin’ Station in Commerce, Oklahoma, in 2013 by formulanone via Flickr)

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