Clinton agency approves plan to renovate Glancy Motel, Pops Hicks properties

The Clinton Economic Development Authority during a special meeting Tuesday approved a $7.75 million plan to renovate the historic Glancy Motel and adjoining Pops Hicks restaurant properties in Clinton, Oklahoma.

According to the Clinton Daily News, local oilman Rick Koch presented the proposal:

The proposal includes renovating the Glancy and Pop Hicks to their historic appearance and Koch owning the rights of the property names for marketing purposes.
Koch earlier proposed all projects are expected to be finished and fully operational within an 18- to 24-month period.

ROUTE Magazine also reported the Glancy-Pop Hicks development plan on social media, as did the City of Clinton.

The Glancy Motel at 217 W. Gary Blvd. (aka Route 66) had been in a deep decline for years — to the point where it was condemned by the city in 2019 after numerous code violations. The motel was built in1950 and remodeled in 2007.

A fire destroyed the iconic Pop Hicks restaurant next door to the motel in 1999. Pop Hicks never was rebuilt because it lacked insurance. The restaurant opened in 1936.

Koch should be a name familiar to longtime Route 66 travelers. He saved and renovated the historic Lucille’s gas station in Hydro, Oklahoma. He also built the Lucille’s Roadhouse restaurant in nearby Weatherford, Oklahoma, that pays tribute to Lucille’s.

UPDATE 8/26/2021: More from the Clinton Daily News’ updated story, behind its paywall:

Koch’s opening statement was about Route 66 and the importance it has to towns like Clinton and Weatherford.
“There’s a lot of history there and we really want to push for the 100 th -year anniversary of Route 66 in 2026,” he said. “I feel like we have to work together to celebrate and use years ’22, ’23, ’24 and ’25 as ramp-up years.”
Koch said he would not be using grants for the project. He will also be the general contractor for the project.
Koch wants the rights to the Glancy and Pop Hicks names.
“There’s a lot of history tied to those names that people will want to come see,” he said. “One of the reasons I’d like to have my own hotel brand is so I can do my own decorating. Instead of a contemporary look some person in Atlanta has decided is good for Oklahoma, which it’s not, people want to learn more about western Oklahoma. We have to be able to show that no matter if they are staying in a hotel room or eating at a restaurant.”
Because of his extensive hotel background, he said it would cost approximately $100,000 per room.

(Image of the Glancy Motel in Clinton, Oklahoma, via its Facebook page; postcard image of Pop Hicks restaurant courtesy of

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  1. I stayed there in 2000 for $18.50/night when I was heading west on Route 66. I was looking for Pop Hick’s but couldn’t find it because I was unaware it has burned. When I checked into the Glancy, the gentleman behind the desk told me it had burned and how much his business had suffered because of it. The Glancy was looking very tired then.

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