The Landing Hub boutique hotel opens in Pacific

The Landing Hub, a contactless boutique hotel, opened a few weeks ago in Pacific, Missouri, a short drive north of Route 66 in town.

The Washington Missourian published a feature about the hotel and its owners, Jen Blakely and Shane Mayer:

The Landing Hub’s 15 rooms have occupancies of 2, 7, 8, and 12, with a maximum hotel occupancy of 82 overnight guests. Instead of booking by the room, travelers book by the “pod” or bed. So, if a client books five pods in a 12-bed room, the other seven pods can be booked by strangers, hostel style. The hotel also features open common areas inside and outside that include a communal kitchen, outdoor toys for kids, a disc golf basket and seven partially wooded acres for walking.
Blakely said she and her partner Mayer have been kicking around the idea for a contactless hotel for years after visiting similar places around the U.S. with their family. Blakely and Mayer have hosted Airbnbs since 2018, and said they appreciate the simplicity of a contactless system. After months of analyzing their Airbnb guests, Blakely said it was clear that the hotel would have to cater to different types of guests. Just a half hour from downtown St. Louis, Pacific suits travelers who want a convenient town outside of the city or near attractions like Six Flags, Hidden Valley and Route 66.

The Landing Hub cost about $2 million to build, which allows overnight guests to book online and enter the hotel with an access code.

The hotel also allows pets if they’re well-behaved and kept on a leash. It also has solar panels on the roof and charging stations for electric cars.

The hotel sits about a half-mile north of Osage Street (aka Route 66) in Pacific.

(Image of The Landing Hub hotel in Pacific, Missouri, via Facebook)

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