Tesla adding 14 Superchargers at Kingman Visitor Center site

Tesla recently began construction at the Kingman Visitor Center in Kingman, Arizona, to add 14 Superchargers for the company’s electric vehicles.

The fact the site also houses a collection of antique electric vehicles seems altogether appropriate, though that museum soon will be moved to a new site on Beale Street in Kingman, one block off Route 66.

Nikki Seegers, director of operations at the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, said in an email that construction began Dec. 2 on the north side of the visitors center and will finish by late January.

The visitor center also houses a regional Route 66 museum and a gift shop for the association.

“This is a unique opportunity for Tesla owners to learn about Route 66 while they recharge,” Seegers stated. “They can also browse the collection of electric vehicles who will call the Powerhouse home for a while longer before they move into their permanent home on Beale Street once the new museum is complete.”

Tesla Superchargers allow the company’s electric vehicles to add up to 200 miles in range in just 15 minutes.

Looking at the Supercharger map, there appears to be no shortage of those sites along the Route 66 corridor. The longest stretch appears to be Needles to Barstow, a distance of a little less than 150 miles through the Mojave Desert.

(Image of the Tesla Supercharger site under construction at the Kingman Visitor Center courtesy of Nikki Seegers)

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