Texas Old Route 66 Association helps replace damaged VW at Bug Ranch

The Texas Old Route 66 Association a few days ago swapped out a damaged Volkwagen at the Bug Ranch art installation in Panhandle, Texas.

The association stated in a Facebook post:

One of the VWs out at the Bug Ranch had been severely vandalized and pretty much on the ground for the last 2 years.Thanks to Chris Kite for donating a Super Beetle body to the Texas assoc and Bug Ranch new care taker Steve Craig for running the back hoe. Then Stephanie and Gary Dagget doing the ground work. The vandalized bug was replaced along with the last missing door, The Bug Ranch is once again complete and looking good. Also Thank you Andy and Dora Merony for your hard work on this project.

More images of the work and repairs are below:

Roadside America had this history of Bug Ranch:

Slug Bug Ranch — also known as Bug Ranch, Bug Farm, and Buggy Farm — was created in 2002. The five wrecked Volkswagen Beetles, buried hood-down in the ground, were the idea of the Crutchfield family, who owned the Longhorn Trading Post and Rattlesnake Ranch next door.

The trading post closed about a year after it was built. The abandoned site is now a spot for graffiti.

Bug Ranch was inspired by the more famous Cadillac Ranch site, located about 35 miles west in Amarillo.

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