Devil’s Elbow Bridge decorated for Christmas

Devils Elbow Bridge - Christmas

The historic Devil’s Elbow Bridge in the Route 66 hamlet of Devil’s Elbow, Missouri, is decorated for Christmas for what is believed to be the first time.

According to the Pulaski County USA blog, which is an offshoot of its tourism office, the townsfolk decided to do something new with the bridge after a rehabilitation project was completed in May:

The citizens have celebrated the revitalization of their beloved bridge in a new way this year- a first in the bridge’s history. The bridge has been decorated with Christmas lights and it is fabulous! This is sure to become a tradition in the ‘Bow and we hope that visiting the bridge during the holidays becomes a tradition for you and your family also. Devils Elbow has always been a very special place on the Mother Road- the lights make it magical.

An official at the Pulaski County tourism office said the lights should remain on the bridge through New Year’s.

Funding for the $1.3 million rehab project came from the Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri Department of Economic Development Community Development, Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program and Pulaski County.

The truss bridge, built in 1923, sits near the Elbow Inn restaurant and bar, a popular hangout for Route 66ers, bikers and Fort Leonard Wood soldiers.

Here is another image shot by Jackie Welborn of the decorated bridge that she posted on her Facebook page:

UPDATE: According to the Rolla Daily News, community fundraisers helped the bridge decorating happen. The newspaper talked to Robbie Bradford at the nearby Elbow Inn:

“We just wanted to decorate the bridge to bring people down to see it,” said Bradford who works at the neighboring bar and barbecue, The Elbow Inn. The inn sits next to the bridge on Teardrop Road.

“We took donations from local citizens, bought the lights, ribbon and bows. The only thing left to do was decide the power source,” Bradford said.

The bar and resident Bill Debo provide the power for the lights. The effort also had a ton of help from Waynesville High School student Blayne Kelley, who shinnied up the girders to wrap the lights and hang the wreaths.

The Elbow Inn already is raising money for next year’s bridge-decorating.

(Image of the Devil’s Elbow Bridge courtesy of Jackie Welborn)

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