West Hollywood adds two art neon signs along its Route 66 corridor

The City of West Hollywood, California, recently added two neon signs along its section of Route 66 as part of an art installation.

The signs that state “RELAX UR OK” and “ONE LOVE” will stand in the media at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard (aka Route 66) and Holloway Drive through June 2022. 

The “RELAX” sign takes its inspiration from the classic U.S. highway shield, while the other resembles a “One Way” sign.

The city stated in a news release:

Using the institutionalized structure of road signage as inspiration, artist Scott Froschauer’s RELAX UR OK and ONE LOVE surprise and delight viewers by replacing the traditionally negative and coercive language with positivity and inspiration. As a reaction to surreal and unprecedented distanced-reality, Froschauer’s words of hope, love, and affirmation stand in stark but positive relief, welcoming visitors and residents alike into one of the most inclusive cities in the world. […]
RELAX UR OK and ONE LOVEis an Art on the Outside project organized by the City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division. The Art on the Outside program installs rotating temporary artworks on the City’s medians and in parks.

The Canyon News talked to the artist:

In reference to his newly installed artworks, Froschauer in a tweet, suggested the installations are to be seen as a lodestar of peace and internal sanctuary, to be looked back to and reflected upon in moments of great turmoil and chaos.
“I hope that got your attention. These next few weeks (and months) are going to be a real test of our collective ability to remain grounded. There are going to be plenty of signals you will be receiving that will trigger your fight/flight response,” Froschauer tweeted.

More images of those signs and others in West Hollywood can be seen on Wes Viscott’s online gallery.

(Hat tip to Scott Piotrowski; images of West Hollywood’s new art neon signs via the city’s website)

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