Muffler Man statue planned at Uranus Missouri complex

Louie Keen, the self-proclaimed mayor of the Uranus Missouri complex near St. Robert, Missouri, announced plans to erect a Muffler Man fiberglass statue in his own image next month.

Keen revealed the plan in a Facebook post Wednesday:

Keen calls it a “Mega-Mayor” statue that obviously is patterned after his “official” costume of a red, white and blue suit. The artist’s rending shows it will be about 20 feet tall.

Uranus Missouri is most famous for its Uranus Fudge Factory and General store — along with its unapologetically juvenile humor due to its name.

Uranus Missouri also contains an escape room, ice cream and funnel cake store, Chicken Bones bar and grill, sideshow museum, ax-throwing venue and an outdoor outfitters shop. A microbrewery also is in the works.

Muffler Men, in general, have seen a big resurgence along Route 66 in recent years, including new ones built at Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios in Tulsa, Route 66 Food Truck Park in Springfield, Missouri, Frecs in Galena, Kansas, and a restoration of one at the May Cafe in Albuquerque and at the Launching Pad Drive-In in Wilmington, Illinois.

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