Songwriter records an ode to the Allsup’s burrito

A Texas-based songwriter a few months ago recorded a tribute to Allsup’s burritos, a staple at the regional convenience-store chain primarily in Texas, New Mexico, plus a few in Oklahoma.

Allsup’s are littered along two states on Route 66 corridor, with Shamrock, Texas, at the most eastern point and Gallup, New Mexico, at the westernmost, according to its website.

Aaron LaCombe wrote “Allsups Burrito (A Love Song)” and created a music video for it:

LaCombe wrote in a description for the video:

I wrote this song in the parking lot of an Allsups on the Texas/New Mexico border. I’d opened for James McMurtry the night before in Roswell, NM and was trying to get some miles in toward my gig in Houston the next day but got too tired to drive. I went to sleep in the van and woke up to the smell of those burritos wafting in.

The Santa Fe New Mexican wrote in a preview of a concert LaCombe was about to do in Taos:

His tour began after he released the burrito song and “it went nuts. There were 560 shares on Facebook, which is a lot when you’re not paying to promote,” he said. “A couple of radio stations called and wanted a radio version.”

Allsup’s burritos are virtually a rite of passage for many people visiting Texas or New Mexico. If you procure one, make sure you get a packet or two of the taco sauce that’s supposed to come with it. The sauce is so popular, Allsup’s makes bottles of it.

(Image of an Allsup’s burrito and taco sauce via the Allsups Burrito Fan Page on Facebook)

One thought on “Songwriter records an ode to the Allsup’s burrito

  1. Mel and I had our fair share of delicious Allsups Burritos over the many decades of 66’ing! There’s never been a Route 66 road trip through The Lone Star State that we didn’t make a picnic pitstop at the Allsups in Groom. We’d take our burrito’s, hot sauces, and drinks outside in the shade in back of the store, make a make-shift table on the air conditioner unit with a drinks shelf on the building’s electric box, and take a seat on a couple of stacked milk crates,… and munch away to our heart’s desire with a BIG ol’ smile on both of our faces!
    Yep,… We’re heading to the Amarillo Route 66/Sixth Street Festival next week! We already know where we will be stopping at along the way! Ah Ha! You guessed it! The Allsup’s in Groom, Texas! ;-D

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