Doc Hudson replica from ‘Cars’ movie unveiled at Gearhead Curios in Galena

A replica of the Doc Hudson character from the 2006 Disney-Pixar animated film “Cars” was unveiled Saturday at Gearhead Curios in Galena, Kansas.

A local television station talked to Aaron Perry, proprietor of the shop that’s housed in a former Texaco gas station:

He thought Galena would be the perfect place to start Gearhead Curios and bring Doc, due to the city’s connection to Route 66.
“It’s Route 66. I’m from Mojave, California, originally, the desert out there; a lot of the movie ‘Cars’ is in the Southwest. It was a great movie my daughter and I saw together when she was a little kid. The opportunity that I had to have Doc be part of what Galena has with the other cars on the route, it was a great fit.”

Gearhead Curios, at Sixth and Main streets, also is less than a half-mile down old Route 66 in downtown Galena from Cars on the Route, which contains a replica of Tow Mater from the film and the original 1951 International boom truck that inspired the character.

Here’s the station’s segment about the unveiling:

And here’s an 18-minute video from Rick and Deb’s Awesome Adventures who visited Gearhead Curios that day. The unveiling comes near the end of the video.

Gearhead posted some sneak-preview photos of Doc earlier this month:

Perry bought the 1939 gas station in fall 2018. His long-term plans are to bring back the station’s neon lighting, renovate the interior and exterior and add vintage gas pumps. Perry also plans to sell his “gearhead” artwork (hence the Gearhead Curios name) and Route 66 souvenirs.

(Screen-capture image from a video of the unveiling of Doc Hudson replica at Gearhead Curios in Galena, Kansas)

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